COVID-19 Testimonial

In the beginning of the spring I had plan to work with one the robots from the Robotics Lab at the university for my capstone project. The goal was for me to work on the robot that former students’ worked on for their capstone project and implement obstacle avoidance. In the first couple months, I work on documenting the parts of the robot and creating the schematics for the robot. When the school shutdown in March, Dr. Isaacs and I starting thinking of ways to modify the project in the case that the school continue being shutdown during the Fall which would prevent me access to the robot in the lab. We discuss on using a small robot that uses the Jetson Nano board to implement the same features intended for the first robot. Even though I was disappointed that I was no longer going to work with one of the robots from the Robotics Lab and continue on the work from other students I stayed optimistic since the goal was still the same. Since I experienced remote learning during the Spring semester I thought that I would be prepared for the Fall semester to continue remote learning but I was wrong.

In the first few weeks of the Fall semester I felt prepared but as the weeks progressed I started to view programming as a chore and not as the activity that I enjoyed. This was partly due to being at home, normally I associate home as the place to relax and any work like cleaning and organizing I associate as a chore and anything productive like studying or working on tasks for a job I would do outside of home. This meant that to be able to succeed in my classes, I had to turn my relax environment to something where I would feel more productive. This meant building some barriers around my desk so that I would feel that I was in a cubicle at the library. Posting schedule on my door so I would not get interrupted while in class. Getting noise cancelling headphones to avoid getting distracted from noise around the house while I was working. After all this changes I did feel more productive but not to the same extent as before. Even though I struggled to do well in my classes I am glad to say that I succeeded in my classes despite the hardships that came with the pandemic.

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